Tea At Sea!

Metal Tiger asked for some feedback from her friends on their preferred teas to sip or a favourite tea experience they would like to share.

Danielle told this to the tiger, "Well I can't really go past my beautiful friends chai tea (she knows who she is)! She makes it from scratch and keeps it for about a week, just adding bits to it.... with soy and honey, it is such a treat!".

And Maia joined the discussion with, "Yep, I love a good chai too, not sweet though.  I've had some lovely Japanese teas with rice, and otherwise a good breakfast tea. The cup is a vital part of the experience too!".

Well, just this week, Metal Tiger has been talking to her friend Binod Mohan from Tea Promoters in Kolkata, India to arrange an aromatic blend of Masala Chai, freshly plucked fair trade and organic tea and spices for shipment to the Tiger.  As soon as it arrives Metal Tiger will be asking Danielle and Maia to a spicy tea for three!

Thanks to everyone who has been sharing their tea requests, please keep them coming!  The Tiger is working on stocking her Emporium.


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